From a visitor to Tabby Tree Weaver

I wanted to share this project for which I needed the pick up stick.  It was done with a 5 end satin warp, then I tied up 5 treddles as 4/1 twill and 5 as 1/4 twill, alternating between them for each pick.  Tedious?  YES.  and plenty of little errors, but from a distance they are not noticable. 
It was so nice visiting with you when I was at your shop, when I get caught up on some things, I will definitely be ordering yarn from you.
Best wishes,

Hours: 10:00-5:00 Wed.-Sat.

Dealer for Ashford, Glimakra, Leclec, Louet & Schacht equip

Come and feel the yarns, try a loom, take a class, talk with experienced weavers and begin the project!

Tabby Tree Weaver
PO Box 441 
269 W. Jackson 
Cicero, IN. 46034

A wide variety of looms and wheels from Ashford, Glimakra, LeClerc, Louet,
and Schacht.


Louet has a great new table loom,

available in 2 or 4 shafts


We have the most amazing new yarn!      It is 60% silk and 40% retted bamboo. The sett is 30 epi. Come in and feel this wonderful yarn, in colors and ecru. 

Happy New Year to all our fiber friends!  We hope new ideas and interests fill your new year! 

CLOSED Jan. 12, 2019


Nov. 16, 2014 from 9:30-12:30.

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