A popular Scandinavian weaving technique that you will love! You will enjoy learning to pick the colors and wind the warps and weave a warp faced pattern that you will enjoy for years. Then get ready to take orders since everyone else will want one too! A 4 day class. Must be able to dress your own loom. Guest instructor Donna Hudson.

Don't have a loom? Need a wider one to work on? You may reserve a loom for your project for $50.00 a day. Must be able to dress a loom on your own. No instruction included.

Open Studio Time:

Overshot - $175.00 plus materials

Rug in a Day - $75 plus materials. One Day Class

Weaving II - $175.00 plus materials

In Weaving II you will be guided in creating your own project.  A repeat of the warping process and dressing the loom will be done.  Drafting will be covered as well as a variety of finishing techniques. 3 day class.

This class is designed for those who have never tried spinning but always wanted to learn and make their own yarn.  Come and learn with our experienced & knowledgeable teachers.  Wheels provided.  A 4 hour class that will have you making your own 2 ply yarn!!

Beginning Spinning - $75 plus materials.


Beginning Weaving- $175.00 plus materials.

Summer & Winter- $175.00 plus materials.

Looking for a weaving technique that's versatile & lends itself to the traditional or contemporary design? Come try this technique. You will learn about profile drafts and make & weave your own original design after exploring several treadling methods. A 3 day class.

Lace Weaves - $175.00

Rug In A Day- $75.00 plus $25.00 matierials

Explore the ways to make beautiful finishing techniques on your handwoven scarves, shawls, table runners, towels, mats-and more. Looms set up and ready for you to experiment with several different fibers. One day class. $25.00 materials fee.

Our Learning Series

This class is designed to introduce to weaving. A project will be planned, a warp made, loom dressed & then you will weave an item using my floor looms that you can enjoy. A 2 and 1/2 day class.

An introductory class for making a belt, guitar strap, cell phone case and many more items. Class includes all materials and the use of an Inkle loom during class. 4 Hour class.

Always wanted to weave a rug but don't know how? This class is for you. No experience needed. Looms will be set up and ready for you to weave in several color choices. You bring the rags and I provide the rest.

Repp Weave-$250.00 plus materials.

Inkle Weaving for Beginners $75.00

An adventure in patterns with two shuttles.  This class discusses reading a pattern, altering a pattern draft, using two shuttles for Overshot - a traditional coverlet technique.  A project will be planned and woven. 3 day class.

Do you know the difference between Bronson Lace, Huck Lace & Swedish Lace? You will when you finish this class and learn about the fibers and patterns of Lace. 3 day class.

We will explore the differences in various twills such as straight, point, advancing, undulating, 3/1, 1/3 as well as their uses.  We will draft a twill and weave a scarf.  3 day class.

Rigid Heddle Weaving - $75.00 plus materials

Doubleweave - $175.00 plus materials

Krokbragd-a warp faced weave technique for pillows or rugs or handbags, etc. Watch the pattern evolve as you weave a cushion or runner. A 3 day class. Fee  $1.75.00 plus materials of appoximately $40.00-$45.00.

Twills - $175.00 plus materials.

NEW Classes are being formed all the time. Have something you want to learn? Send me an email-tabbytreeweaver@comcast.net.

Finishing Techniques for Handwovens - $75.00 plus materials.

Need to weave a wider piece of cloth?  How does winding a double width warp differ from a regular warp?  In this class we will explore double width cloth, double layers of cloth, tubular weave, stuffed tubes & pick up.  Should be familiar with and be able to dress loom. A 3 day class.

Learn to use your Rigid Heddle loom and make scarves, placemats, handbags, etc.

Bring your loom or use one of mine. 1 Day class.

To Register for Class with In-house Instructor or Visiting Instructors:
A deposit of one half the class fee is due at time of registration to secure your place in the class.                                                                                                                    These deposits are refundable if the cancellations are made more than 14 days prior to class.

To Register for a Class with a Guest instructor:  A deposit of one half the class fee is due at time of registration.  For cancellations, full refunds will be given if cancellation is done 40 days prior to class.  1/2 the fee will be refunded if cancellation is made 30 days or more prior to class time.  No refunds will be given if cancellation is less than 30 days before class time.  Special classes by guest instructors will be given at various times of the year.