This loom comes in 28", 44" & 52" widths in a mechanical dobby or electronic interface (computer) dobby.  Extremely easy to treadle!

Louet Megado

This 4 shaft, 26" width loom is
a great foldable loom for home or workshops.


Leclerc Nilus

A good upgrade loom, this will handle up to 36" fabrics.

This new design provides the weaver with the ease of Leg Treadling multi Shaft designs, comparable to that of a 4 shaft in sizes of 36", 45" widths.

Schacht Mighty Wolf

Inkle Looms & Kumihimo

Schacht Baby Wolf

A versatile loom for either rugs or fine weaving due to its countermarch and/or counterbalance action.  This loom comes in 27", 39", 47", 59" and 63" widths.

17 Yard Warping Board-Breaks down for moving & takes up very little space. $225.00


Louet Octado

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The Octado is a versatile,                                                              floor loom offering superb                                                        dobby weaving in 36" & 44"                                                    widths.  This 8-harness loom                                                   comes with special features,                                                        like easy programming and a                                        mechanical dobby with 20                                                              program bars.