The Octado is a versatile,                                                              floor loom offering superb                                                        dobby weaving in 36" & 44"                                                    widths.  This 8-harness loom                                                   comes with special features,                                                        like easy programming and a                                        mechanical dobby with 20                                                              program bars.

Louet Octado

This 4 shaft, 26" width loom is
a great foldable loom for home or workshops.

A good upgrade loom, this will handle up to 36" fabrics.

Schacht Baby Wolf

Schacht Mighty Wolf

17 Yard Warping Board-Breaks down for moving & takes up very little space. $225.00

This loom comes in 28", 44" & 52" widths in a mechanical dobby or electronic interface (computer) dobby.  Extremely easy to treadle!

Louet Megado

Leclerc Nilus

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A versatile loom for either rugs or fine weaving due to its countermarch and/or counterbalance action.  This loom comes in 27", 39", 47", 59" and 63" widths.

This new design provides the weaver with the ease of Leg Treadling multi Shaft designs, comparable to that of a 4 shaft in sizes of 36", 45" widths.

Inkle Looms & Kumihimo